December 29, 2018 Billy Morrisff

Smoking food and meat gives a new and a whole new level of taste to the food that cannot be attained by preparing the meal in an oven or a grill, the smoky flavor and the texture that the meal gets after being cooked by smoking is a whole new level of scrumptious and tasty food. Smoking meat is an art and diehard fan of charcoal smokers are pretty biased and opinionated in their approach towards Electric smokers, to them electric smokers (SolidGoldEats Review by Bhavna) are inferior and are not as good as the traditional Charcoal smokers. The main objections raised by fans of smoked food against electric smokers are that the electric smokers are unable to produce a smoke ring and do not replicate or produce an authentic barbeque taste. These objections are highly subjective and are basically prejudiced.

There are a lot of reasons to prefer Electric smoker over charcoal smokers. One of the main reasons for buying an electric smoker over a charcoal one is that electric smokers are best for beginners, electric smokers are simplistic and are so user friendly that even a beginner can use them to have a smoked meal without spending a great deal of time in learning the nuances of smoking food and meats over a charcoal smoker. Electric smokers are so user-friendly that they can be programmed to set timers so as to cook and smoke meals for the desired amount of time at the desired temperature. Another important factor that portrays the fact that electric smokers should be preferred over charcoal ones is that they are cheaper than any other type of smokers especially charcoal ones and it is not just that they are cheaper in terms of the initial price tags on them but also in the long-term value for money.

Electric smokers are durable and are pretty tough and can handle some jerks without cracking like the charcoal one or the ceramic ones. Using charcoal smokers requires an extensive and nuanced understanding of several factors like controlling airflow and temperature spikes which leaves an Individual pretty stressed as they have too much on their plate whereas the Electric smoker is the easiest to use as all one has to do whilst using the is to fill the water tray, fill the wood chips bowl, adjust the settings you require the desired temperature and the desired time just preheat it and then add the food and sit back and relax.

Also one of the most useful factors that weigh in comparing electric and charcoal smoker is that electric smoker can be used in places where there is a fire ban and charcoal smokers come under the category of Fire ban and thus cannot be used in places and stated where the fire ban has been implemented. Electric smokers are relatively easier to clean as compared to the charcoal ones as all they require is just a rinsing of the chrome plated grates and the of the drip plate its cleaning is effortless whereas on a charcoal smoker one has to wait for the charcoals to cool down and it has got a lot more parts that require thorough cleansing even after smoking only a few ribs. Also in charcoal smokers, it is a bit of a task maintaining the temperature for even cooking of meat, one has to constantly be on the lookout for the meat, turn them cooks the sides whereas in an electric smoker the meat cooks evenly from all the sides effortlessly. Electric smokers are far more efficient, durable, cheap and are more practical in a Modern day scenario.…

October 10, 2014 Billy Morrisff

 I’m somebody who is totally obsessed with grilled sandwiches and especially with the cheese ones, they are simple to make and are highly irresistible, but the best part about this article is that I did some experimenting with the grilled cheese sandwich recipe and the results are amazing so I wish to share them with my lovely readers so here I’m with all the details it’s time for you to know about them too.

So what does a grilled cheese sandwich consist of? The answer is simple bread (of course), cheese and butter, just three delicious ingredients and when these three come together they form something beautiful, now let’s talk about a myth people believe that one requires expensive products for making an amazing sandwich whereas there is nothing like that see expensive always does not mean better, a grilled cheese sandwich can anytime take me back to my childhood, now let’s talk about the recipe 

Now you know about all the basics for instance about the ingredients so let’s give you the basic instructions, in the first place you need to put butter on your bread and after it put it in your pan, heat the pan first and then place your bread on it,

Now top it with some cheese (actually as much cheese as you like) and after adding cheese place another slice of bread on the top of it make sure that the cheese melts properly, these are the basic instruction but let me tell you that your bread’s color tone needs to turn into a golden brown tone and it’s simple, no need to worry all you need to do is cook at a very low temperature. Since everybody nowadays, is always grilling, you should probably think of getting a flat top grill, personally we recommend you check out the article by Bhavna on Solidgoldeats.

It’s all about the temperature, if you are planning to cook at a high temperature then let me tell you your bread would turn brown and not golden brown and for golden brown you need to cook on a low temperature and I have another trick for you before cooking heat your pan and then cook on low temperature 

Now the question arises what if the bread turns golden brown but the cheese turns out to be stubborn and does not melt properly, then do not worry your paradise is safe as all you need to do is preheat your oven at 200 degrees and place your sandwich inside it and after placing it heat it for about two minutes 


Ingredients needed 

  1. Butter (At room temp)
  2. Grill (Preferably a flat top)
  3. Bread slices
  4. Cheese (shredded)


  • Preheat your pan
  • After preheating your pan take a slice of bread and spread butter on it
  • Now place the slice of bread on which you spread butter on your pan and then top it with shredded cheese (buttered side needs to be downwards and sprinkle cheese on the other side)
  • Now place the other slice on the top of the other slice.
  • Cook at a low temperature
  • Turn off your stove once the sandwich turns golden brown (give two minutes to both the side)
August 12, 2014 Billy Morrisff


  • Butter
  • Sugar (preferably brown)
  • Can pineapple (drained and crushed)
  • Cake mixture (One pack and preferably yellow one)
  • Cherries


  • First of all, to make this cake you are going to need two pans, round shaped and about eight inches and in these pans, you need to pour some melted butter, equally. After butter you need to add some sugar and after sugar add pineapple, make sure that the pineapple is properly drained, after adding sugar and crushed pineapple, take your chopping board out and place your cherries on it after placing cherries on the chopping board now place your knife on the top of the cherry and use a little pressure to dived the cherry into four equal parts, now after cutting them place them into the mixture. 
  • Now pick up the box of cake mix and turn it around at the back side you would see some instructions follow them properly to mix it once you are done reading the instructions and done mixing the mix just pour the mixture that you made in step one on the top of cake mix and after pouring place the pan in your oven and bake it.thisis all for this recipe lets move towards the next delicious recipe. 

Lemon cake 

This world is full of lazy people and my personal experience says that all the lazy people around the globe love food and who doesn’t love a cake? I love it but I’m lazy too and this recipe down here is the best for lazy food lovers as it is super easy to make 


  • One pack of jello(lemon flavor) 
  • Eggs (four)
  • Water (almost one cup)
  • A mixture of cake( One pack and preferably yellow one) 
  • Oil
  • lemons(two) 
  • Sugar


  • Take a bowl and in that bowl break four eggs after breaking the eggs add lemonjellouse a spoon to mix eggs and jello after mixing add water and mix again this time for about two long minutes, now take a pan and make sure that it is properly greased after making sure that it is greased pour the mixture of eggs and jellos into it. Now you need to heat your oven at about 350 degrees and if your pan is not made up of metal then go for 325 degrees. now give it about forty-five minutes to turn brown and rise, you can check if it’s ready or not by just using your fingers, use your fingers to poke it if it springs properly back then it’s ready 
  • Now take a bowl add sugar (preferably confectioner) and on the top of the sugar pour lemon juice (strictly of two lemons), now slowly pour it on the cake (why slowing? because if you do not pour it slowly then it would make lumps in the cake) now use a fork to prick the cake and after it pour the sugar mixture on the cake, make sure that you pour it all over the cake when it is warm
April 12, 2014 Billy Morrisff

Some people have a habit of filling their fitness apps and in such apps, they add what all they are eating and other than this they even check the nutritional facts about the things that they are about to eat so today before talking about the ingredients of this dish we are going to talk about the nutritional facts, this dish per serving gives about 29.8 grams of protein and protein is very much important for the body other than 29.8 grams of protein it gives almost 400 calories, it is a little high when it comes to sodim as the amount of sodium is almost 840 mg and the amount of fat is 20.1 grams, talking about cholesterol it is 112mg.



  1. Olive oil( one tablespoon) 
  2. Diced onion (Small sized)
  3. Diced celery (Three)
  4. Minced garlic cloves (Three)
  5. Shredded carrots (Two)
  6. Chicken breasts (cubed, cooked and one pound)
  7. Broth (four cups)
  8. Gnocchi potato package (mini size)
  9. Spinach (Baby leaves, six ounces)
  10. Cornstarch (One spoonful)
  11. Cream
  12. Icy-water
  13. Black pepper (As per taste)
  14. Salt (According to your preference)


  1. Take a large-sized pot place it over your stove turn the flames on, set the level of heat at medium and then add olive oil (one spoonful), wait for the oil to reach the required level and then add chopped onions, let them cook when they turn a little pink add garlic and again wait for thirty seconds after garlic add carrots and celery cook for at least five minutes or till the onions turn translucent.
  2. Now reduce the level of heat, after reducing the level add broth and chicken cubes, stir properly.
  3. Time to add gnocchi, make sure that the level of  heat is low as this dish requires slow cooking once you notice that the gnocchi has started floating you can simply add spinach ( the floating thing can take about four minutes) now you need to cook spinach for at least three minutes or until it appears as wilted 
  4. Now take a bowl and fill it with icy-water and in the ice-water pour cornstarch now whisk, you need to whisk until it a smooth texture appears, after whisking add the cornstarch to the soup and after adding cornstarch add cream, now cook for five minutes or until it gets thick, on the top now add black pepper and salt, both of these need to be added according to your taste buds. 

Note- worried about the chicken in your refrigerator and still do not wish to eat and do not even want to through it then I have a surprise for you, you can even use leftover chicken for this recipe though i used tenders cooked them and seasoned them with powder of garlic, salt, and pepper, other than the leftover chicken if you are facing difficulty finding gnocchi simply go to the nearby store and in the store go to the section where pasta is available and over there only you will find gnocchi as well.That’s all with the recipe do let us know if you do something different with this recipe. 

March 10, 2014 Billy Morrisff

Even the thought of organizing the kitchen makes us feel overwhelmed does not matter if the kitchen is small or big as it is a kitchen which means too many cabinets too, many drawers , and too many shelves and you need to clean them all, people believe that cleaning their kitchen requires an entire day where as i disagree with it as we have some amazing ways through which you can organize your kitchen and we promise these ways would help you clear out all the clutter and make your kitchen look highly organized, moreover it would help you keep it clean on the top these nine steps are not time taking, each step would hardly take about 10 to 15 minutes 


  • The organizing technique, go one by one, one shelf at a time.youneed to take all the stuff out and then use a dusting cloth to clean the shelf and the boxes, after cleaning you obviously need to put things back. 
  • You need to buy some storage on which you can hang your things, for instance, some hooks you can arrange them in the inside of your cabinet and then you can hang your spoons (the measuring ones) on the hooks because they are not that often used and when you keep them in your drawers you can not really find them when you need them. 
  • Choose one drawer in your kitchen in which from now on for eternity you are going to store all the bags, paper towel, wax paper, wraps, foil paper, it is actually a very big step as these bags, aluminum sheets make your kitchen look messy to avoid the messy look you need to have a drawer only for the plastic bags and other small things.
  • A grocery list is a must if you usually do not make one start now, it’s never too late.
  • To make your kitchen look organized your utensils need to be organized, organizing utensils brings satisfaction not only to us, humans but to the kitchen and the utensils as well
  • If you have a canister good if you do not have one then go buy one, buy a pretty one, why? Because in it you are going to keep all your tea and coffee bags, it would not only save your time but would be pleasing as well (aesthetically)
  • Keep your coupons in one place.
  • If you have a lot of cookbooks in your kitchen then they need to be organized too, give them a shelf
  • Make a list of things you have not used in a year and then throw them or just move them, through the spices that you have not touched in a year and move the appliances you have not used in a really long time, pack them and move them to your store room (pack them properly use bubble wraps as you won’t want them to get damaged)

 We, humans, tend to keep things which we do not require and won’t even require in the coming future but we still feel that we would need them and we keep them anyway, it’s high time throw them. 


July 12, 2013 Billy Morrisff

If you are thinking about giving a makeover to your kitchen then you are at the right place, you will love these ideas 

  • Let’s make a Backsplash

When you update your food preparing and cooking area with a brand new tile (backsplash) your kitchen starts to look appealing visually other than this backsplash tiles are long lasting and way too functional, they tend to give you more space other than backsplash tiles you can go for the subway one they allow you to customize the pattern. 

  • Time for a little painting session

All you need is a will to put some hard work and some minor skills with both of these things you can make your kitchen look brighter, you can go for some neutral color tone or white color (no not the dull white go for the brightest shade). 

  • Island

Islands are not just for food preparation there is a lot more than that, from storage for dishes to a comfortable seating area and from seating to amazing dining, there is no need to worry if you have a small kitchen or even if you have a very big kitchen because the market is full of different islands available in different size, shape, and color. 

  • Open instead of cabinets

To update the look of your kitchen you should opt for shelves which stay open in place of cabinets on the top as open shelves make your small kitchen look visually larger than it actually is. 

  • Countertop

Now you would be thinking what good can a countertop do but then you will realize what magic it can do to your kitchen when you will get one, go for a countertop which is sleek, made up of granite and which can actually serve the focal point and the difference that it would make would for sure surprise you. 


  • New appliances

Do not do anything just go, sell your old appliances invest a little and buy some new appliances and you are good to go, why? Because this is easy to do and appliances and a little organization makes your kitchen look brighter and better other than this updating your appliances is one of the most popular updates when it comes to updating a kitchen. 

  • Cozy corner

Have a corner in the kitchen which is not used at all? if yes then transform that underused space into a nook where you can dine in, sit and have a nice cup of your favorite coffee or simple work, to make the nook a little more comfortable and attractive add some pillow to it. 

  • Change the flooring

If all you want for your kitchen is to look different then simply redo the flooding, go for something which has a hardwood appeal, is durable and the most important go for the one which you can easily clean for instance you can go for Glazed or vinyl tile. 

  • Creative display

Inspiration is a must as cooking is not just a necessity it is an art, your kitchen actually reflects your home’s and your own personality, use more of hooks simply decorate your kitchen with small items like bottles and artwork