Kitchens of the world are ready! A powerful culinary movement has begun! We are witnessing the liberation of pesto – freeing it from its traditional role as simply a sauce for pasta.

Through the creative use of new pesto flavors, people are using pestos to enliven every aspect of their cooking, from appetizers to entrees, salads, side dishes and more.

Flavored pestos are not only being tossed into pasta but being spread on chicken, fish, and steak. They’re being mixed into rice, grains, vegetables, and salads. They’re being spread on sandwiches and wraps instead of mustard and mayonnaise. They’re topping warm tortillas and brightening bruschettas and crostinis. Creative cooks are serving pesto bread instead of plain garlic bread and finding endless new ways to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As in any revolution, there are those who lead the way, who set the standard. Pestos With Panache by Lauren™ is the art of pesto at its finest: a total dedication and commitment to the pesto revolution. Our signature pesto is a Pumpkin Chipotle blend with a smoky bite that has won the hearts of fine chefs everywhere. But that’s just the beginning. Pestos With Panache by Lauren™ offers a complete line of innovative flavors, each unique and special in its own right.

Cooks of the world, celebrate! You have yet to discover the panache that pesto can add to your cooking every day!


Pesto is my passion:
I have devoted myself to its art, exploring variations that will hopefully intrigue your palate the way they have intrigued mine.

My Pestos are a new perspective:
You may have tried a basil pesto on pasta, but I promise you have only begun to discover pesto’s potential, the panache it can add to every aspect of your cooking.

My pestos are about possibilities:
I’ve created them to enhance everything from appetizers to the entree. Experiment with them. See what they can do for a simple broiled fish, the way they enliven steaks and chicken. Mix them with rice or vegetables, spread them on sandwiches, serve pesto bread instead of garlic bread, give a savory zing to sandwich wraps.

Pesto is perfection:
Aroma, flavor and texture come together with freshly cut basil, pungent parmesan, finely ground nuts, garlic and olive oil. But perfection can be innovative too, with just the right added ingredients. That’s when they become Pestos with Panache, by Lauren Inc.

Pesto is my signature:
I’ve created many new flavors, but my signature pesto is a pumpkin chipotle blend with a smoky bite that is so special, I have a patent pending on it. Even my mother, the world’s toughest food critic, says my pumpkin chipotle pesto is—to use a word she reserves for special culinary experiences—”succulent.”

Have fun,


Pestos with Panache by Lauren, Inc. is committed to developing wholesome, natural foods, which taste good, and are good for you!

I believe that cooking can always be creative and fun. In all of my cooking, nothing has ever captivated me like pesto. I love its texture and aroma; it’s incredible versatility – far beyond being delicious for pasta. One day for dessert in a fine restaurant, I was served basil ice cream on top of a rhubarb pie. The flavor combination was sensational and it inspired me to start experimenting in my own kitchen with other kinds of pestos other than basic basil, using new combinations of ingredients, until I found those I loved the most.

I have made my flavored pestos for you to be creative with; experiment with them. Try them on chicken, fish, steaks, instead of garlic bread, do a pesto bread; serve easy and enticing appetizers by spreading my pesto on crusty bread or crostinis, make a pesto bruschetta; instead of mayonnaise or mustard, spread them on sandwiches and paninis; mix them in with rice or veggies; the possibilities are endless!!!

You may have already tried a flavored pesto. I ask you not to draw conclusions based on anything that you have tasted before. I don’t believe anyone has dedicated themselves to the art of pesto making as I have.

Pestos are my credo, my mission, my signature.

I promise you have yet to discover the panache they can add to your everyday cooking.

We’d love to hear your comments about our flavored pestos; this is the place to do it. Join the Pesto Revolution.

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