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Some people have a habit of filling their fitness apps and in such apps, they add what all they are eating and other than this they even check the nutritional facts about the things that they are about to eat so today before talking about the ingredients of this dish we are going to talk about the nutritional facts, this dish per serving gives about 29.8 grams of protein and protein is very much important for the body other than 29.8 grams of protein it gives almost 400 calories, it is a little high when it comes to sodim as the amount of sodium is almost 840 mg and the amount of fat is 20.1 grams, talking about cholesterol it is 112mg.



  1. Olive oil( one tablespoon) 
  2. Diced onion (Small sized)
  3. Diced celery (Three)
  4. Minced garlic cloves (Three)
  5. Shredded carrots (Two)
  6. Chicken breasts (cubed, cooked and one pound)
  7. Broth (four cups)
  8. Gnocchi potato package (mini size)
  9. Spinach (Baby leaves, six ounces)
  10. Cornstarch (One spoonful)
  11. Cream
  12. Icy-water
  13. Black pepper (As per taste)
  14. Salt (According to your preference)


  1. Take a large-sized pot place it over your stove turn the flames on, set the level of heat at medium and then add olive oil (one spoonful), wait for the oil to reach the required level and then add chopped onions, let them cook when they turn a little pink add garlic and again wait for thirty seconds after garlic add carrots and celery cook for at least five minutes or till the onions turn translucent.
  2. Now reduce the level of heat, after reducing the level add broth and chicken cubes, stir properly.
  3. Time to add gnocchi, make sure that the level of  heat is low as this dish requires slow cooking once you notice that the gnocchi has started floating you can simply add spinach ( the floating thing can take about four minutes) now you need to cook spinach for at least three minutes or until it appears as wilted 
  4. Now take a bowl and fill it with icy-water and in the ice-water pour cornstarch now whisk, you need to whisk until it a smooth texture appears, after whisking add the cornstarch to the soup and after adding cornstarch add cream, now cook for five minutes or until it gets thick, on the top now add black pepper and salt, both of these need to be added according to your taste buds. 

Note- worried about the chicken in your refrigerator and still do not wish to eat and do not even want to through it then I have a surprise for you, you can even use leftover chicken for this recipe though i used tenders cooked them and seasoned them with powder of garlic, salt, and pepper, other than the leftover chicken if you are facing difficulty finding gnocchi simply go to the nearby store and in the store go to the section where pasta is available and over there only you will find gnocchi as well.That’s all with the recipe do let us know if you do something different with this recipe. 

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