How should I store the pestos?
Place pestos in the freezer immediately, if you are not planning on using them within 14 days.
How long will the pestos last in my freezer?
Frozen pestos will last up to two years.
Can I refreeze pestos after they have been fully thawed?
No. Once thawed, pestos should be eaten immediately or stored in your refrigerator for up to 14 days.
Can I defrost your pestos in the microwave?
You may defrost my pestos in the microwave once they are removed from the tin, and only on the defrost setting, of the microwave, for no more than 45 seconds. You do not want to cook the pesto.
Should I toss your pestos over pasta on the stovetop?
Yes, but over very low heat; overheating will dry out the pesto.
Can you provide me with some serving suggestions?
If you click on the recipes link of www.pestoswithpanache.com, you will find one recipe for each pesto flavor; I will create a recipe archive over time. If you need specific suggestions, feel free to e-mail me directly, lauren@pestoswithpanache.com.
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