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 I’m somebody who is totally obsessed with grilled sandwiches and especially with the cheese ones, they are simple to make and are highly irresistible, but the best part about this article is that I did some experimenting with the grilled cheese sandwich recipe and the results are amazing so I wish to share them with my lovely readers so here I’m with all the details it’s time for you to know about them too.

So what does a grilled cheese sandwich consist of? The answer is simple bread (of course), cheese and butter, just three delicious ingredients and when these three come together they form something beautiful, now let’s talk about a myth people believe that one requires expensive products for making an amazing sandwich whereas there is nothing like that see expensive always does not mean better, a grilled cheese sandwich can anytime take me back to my childhood, now let’s talk about the recipe 

Now you know about all the basics for instance about the ingredients so let’s give you the basic instructions, in the first place you need to put butter on your bread and after it put it in your pan, heat the pan first and then place your bread on it,

Now top it with some cheese (actually as much cheese as you like) and after adding cheese place another slice of bread on the top of it make sure that the cheese melts properly, these are the basic instruction but let me tell you that your bread’s color tone needs to turn into a golden brown tone and it’s simple, no need to worry all you need to do is cook at a very low temperature. Since everybody nowadays, is always grilling, you should probably think of getting a flat top grill, personally we recommend you check out the article by Bhavna on Solidgoldeats.

It’s all about the temperature, if you are planning to cook at a high temperature then let me tell you your bread would turn brown and not golden brown and for golden brown you need to cook on a low temperature and I have another trick for you before cooking heat your pan and then cook on low temperature 

Now the question arises what if the bread turns golden brown but the cheese turns out to be stubborn and does not melt properly, then do not worry your paradise is safe as all you need to do is preheat your oven at 200 degrees and place your sandwich inside it and after placing it heat it for about two minutes 


Ingredients needed 

  1. Butter (At room temp)
  2. Grill (Preferably a flat top)
  3. Bread slices
  4. Cheese (shredded)


  • Preheat your pan
  • After preheating your pan take a slice of bread and spread butter on it
  • Now place the slice of bread on which you spread butter on your pan and then top it with shredded cheese (buttered side needs to be downwards and sprinkle cheese on the other side)
  • Now place the other slice on the top of the other slice.
  • Cook at a low temperature
  • Turn off your stove once the sandwich turns golden brown (give two minutes to both the side)

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