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  • Butter
  • Sugar (preferably brown)
  • Can pineapple (drained and crushed)
  • Cake mixture (One pack and preferably yellow one)
  • Cherries


  • First of all, to make this cake you are going to need two pans, round shaped and about eight inches and in these pans, you need to pour some melted butter, equally. After butter you need to add some sugar and after sugar add pineapple, make sure that the pineapple is properly drained, after adding sugar and crushed pineapple, take your chopping board out and place your cherries on it after placing cherries on the chopping board now place your knife on the top of the cherry and use a little pressure to dived the cherry into four equal parts, now after cutting them place them into the mixture. 
  • Now pick up the box of cake mix and turn it around at the back side you would see some instructions follow them properly to mix it once you are done reading the instructions and done mixing the mix just pour the mixture that you made in step one on the top of cake mix and after pouring place the pan in your oven and bake it.thisis all for this recipe lets move towards the next delicious recipe. 

Lemon cake 

This world is full of lazy people and my personal experience says that all the lazy people around the globe love food and who doesn’t love a cake? I love it but I’m lazy too and this recipe down here is the best for lazy food lovers as it is super easy to make 


  • One pack of jello(lemon flavor) 
  • Eggs (four)
  • Water (almost one cup)
  • A mixture of cake( One pack and preferably yellow one) 
  • Oil
  • lemons(two) 
  • Sugar


  • Take a bowl and in that bowl break four eggs after breaking the eggs add lemonjellouse a spoon to mix eggs and jello after mixing add water and mix again this time for about two long minutes, now take a pan and make sure that it is properly greased after making sure that it is greased pour the mixture of eggs and jellos into it. Now you need to heat your oven at about 350 degrees and if your pan is not made up of metal then go for 325 degrees. now give it about forty-five minutes to turn brown and rise, you can check if it’s ready or not by just using your fingers, use your fingers to poke it if it springs properly back then it’s ready 
  • Now take a bowl add sugar (preferably confectioner) and on the top of the sugar pour lemon juice (strictly of two lemons), now slowly pour it on the cake (why slowing? because if you do not pour it slowly then it would make lumps in the cake) now use a fork to prick the cake and after it pour the sugar mixture on the cake, make sure that you pour it all over the cake when it is warm

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