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Smoking food and meat gives a new and a whole new level of taste to the food that cannot be attained by preparing the meal in an oven or a grill, the smoky flavor and the texture that the meal gets after being cooked by smoking is a whole new level of scrumptious and tasty food. Smoking meat is an art and diehard fan of charcoal smokers are pretty biased and opinionated in their approach towards Electric smokers, to them electric smokers (SolidGoldEats Review by Bhavna) are inferior and are not as good as the traditional Charcoal smokers. The main objections raised by fans of smoked food against electric smokers are that the electric smokers are unable to produce a smoke ring and do not replicate or produce an authentic barbeque taste. These objections are highly subjective and are basically prejudiced.

Why Should You Prefer Electric Smokers over Charcoal Smokers
Why Should You Prefer Electric Smokers over Charcoal Smokers

There are a lot of reasons to prefer Electric smoker over charcoal smokers. One of the main reasons for buying an electric smoker over a charcoal one is that electric smokers are best for beginners, electric smokers are simplistic and are so user friendly that even a beginner can use them to have a smoked meal without spending a great deal of time in learning the nuances of smoking food and meats over a charcoal smoker. Electric smokers are so user-friendly that they can be programmed to set timers so as to cook and smoke meals for the desired amount of time at the desired temperature. Another important factor that portrays the fact that electric smokers should be preferred over charcoal ones is that they are cheaper than any other type of smokers especially charcoal ones and it is not just that they are cheaper in terms of the initial price tags on them but also in the long-term value for money.

Electric smokers are durable and are pretty tough and can handle some jerks without cracking like the charcoal one or the ceramic ones. Using charcoal smokers requires an extensive and nuanced understanding of several factors like controlling airflow and temperature spikes which leaves an Individual pretty stressed as they have too much on their plate whereas the Electric smoker is the easiest to use as all one has to do whilst using the is to fill the water tray, fill the wood chips bowl, adjust the settings you require the desired temperature and the desired time just preheat it and then add the food and sit back and relax.

Also one of the most useful factors that weigh in comparing electric and charcoal smoker is that electric smoker can be used in places where there is a fire ban and charcoal smokers come under the category of Fire ban and thus cannot be used in places and stated where the fire ban has been implemented. Electric smokers are relatively easier to clean as compared to the charcoal ones as all they require is just a rinsing of the chrome plated grates and the of the drip plate its cleaning is effortless whereas on a charcoal smoker one has to wait for the charcoals to cool down and it has got a lot more parts that require thorough cleansing even after smoking only a few ribs. Also in charcoal smokers, it is a bit of a task maintaining the temperature for even cooking of meat, one has to constantly be on the lookout for the meat, turn them cooks the sides whereas in an electric smoker the meat cooks evenly from all the sides effortlessly. Electric smokers are far more efficient, durable, cheap and are more practical in a Modern day scenario.

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